Sarang Plus Hospital


1580 Yangjae-daero, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Sarang Plus Hospital: Leading The Way In Advanced Joint Care A Brief Overview

Founded in 2003, Sarang Plus Hospital is renowned as one of Korea's premier joint and spine care establishments. With its origins as an orthopedic hospital, its mission has been clear from the start: to offer hope and healing to those in pain, all under the benevolent watch of divine care.

Pioneers in Robotic Artificial Joint Surgery

This esteemed institution is not just known for its compassionate care but also for its dedication to cutting-edge medical innovations. Specializing in robotic artificial joint surgery, Sarang Plus Hospital stands out distinctly in the Korean medical landscape. The hospital prides itself on having 10 specialized doctors every year, dedicated exclusively to this advanced surgical procedure.

Beyond Borders: Serving Patients Globally

Sarang Plus Hospital's commitment doesn't end at its local patients. It extends its healing hands globally. With the establishment of its international healthcare division, the hospital ensures that patients from various regions, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Southeast Asia, and Middle East countries, receive the care they need. This division is further enhanced with multilingual coordinators who are fluent in languages such as English, Russian, Mongolian, and Chinese, bridging any communication gaps.

Cutting-Edge Facilities for Complete Rehabilitation

Apart from its surgical expertise, the hospital also boasts high-tech rehabilitation facilities. Coupled with skilled therapists, patients are ensured a holistic healing experience, starting from the operating room and extending well into their recovery phase.

A Testament to Trust and Integrity

At the heart of Sarang Plus Hospital's practice lies an unwavering commitment to honest medical services. Drawing from vast clinical experiences and utilizing state-of-the-art medical technology, the hospital promises each patient a journey to a healthier life. Embedded in its core is a desire to serve under the divine love of God, ensuring that every individual is embraced, healed, and cared for.

In conclusion, Sarang Plus Hospital is not just a medical institution but a beacon of hope for countless individuals. With its advanced treatments, dedicated staff, and global outreach, it continues to set the benchmark for excellence in the field of joint and spine care. Your trust in their services is deeply valued, and the hospital looks forward to upholding this trust now and in the future.

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Sarang Plus Hospital
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