HM Sanchinarro University Hospital


C. de Oña, 10, 28050 Madrid, Spain


HM Sanchinarro University Hospital: A Pinnacle of Medical Excellence in Spain

Setting the Gold Standard in Spanish Healthcare

As the 3rd best private hospital in Spain, HM Sanchinarro University Hospital is the epitome of a global project in healthcare. Building on years of management experience and a philosophy that puts the patient first, the hospital serves not only the population of North Madrid but extends the reach of its exceptional services nationwide.

Expanding the HM Group Hospitals Portfolio

Adding to the general offerings of HM Group Hospitals, HM Sanchinarro introduces services not previously included, such as Nuclear Medicine (Tomography-CT) and an exclusive Radiotherapy Service.

Specializing in a Wide Range of Medical Fields

Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Specialties

The hospital houses all medical and surgical specialties except for obstetrics, neonatology, and cardiac surgery. These areas of expertise, ranging from Spain aesthetic procedures to complex surgeries, make it a one-stop solution for all your healthcare needs.

Pioneering Robotic Surgery

One of the standout features of the hospital is its state-of-the-art surgical area, equipped with the cutting-edge Da Vinci Xi team, placing HM Sanchinarro at the forefront of robotic surgery.

Introducing Innovative Approaches to Oncological Treatment

Clara Campal Comprehensive Oncology Center (HM CIOCC)

Adopting a new paradigm in Spain boobs and cancer diagnosis and treatment, the hospital is home to the Clara Campal Comprehensive Oncology Center (HM CIOCC), a separate entity with its own structure.

Focused on Research and Education

A Solid Commitment to Research

The hospital shows an unwavering dedication to basic and applied research, boasting more than 700 square meters dedicated to ongoing research projects and a Clinical Trials Unit like no other in the region.

Accreditation as a University Hospital

Adding to its list of accolades, HM Sanchinarro is accredited as a university hospital with training for Internal Medicine Residents, marking a milestone in its commitment to education and quality care.

Offering an Array of Patient-Centric Services

HM Sanchinarro's Hospitalization Services

With 179 beds for conventional hospitalization and a host of amenities, including electric beds, TV, and internet, HM Sanchinarro ensures a comfortable stay for every patient.

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Dr. Eman

The best facility of the hospital is the international support team. Significant advantage in Spain where your English+ simple Spanish is not enough to communicate in emergency or sickness situations. Very active, polite, helpful and kind girls providing translation, guidance, booking, and assistance as needed. Special thanks for Seena Um Muhammed, And the two nice girls both named Mariam for their outstanding care. Precautions during covid time are assuring, starting from triage areas in the ER, dividing the waiting area to ( respiratory/ non respiratory). The hospital is clean and equipped with average modern facilities. However, quality of the medical service provided by doctors are highly variable. I was treated by good caring doctors most of the times, and wasn’t lucky in rare occasions with carless, weak ones.
Angus Perry-Macleod

Medically speaking always fantastic service - in out patient and emergency attention is fantastic 4 stars instead of 5 due to the very very high cost of parking within the hospital. Street parking is sometimes available nearby but the school next door sees this fully occupied at school arrival and departure times.
Colleen Terry

I've only used the services of this hospital once, for a biopsy. My appointment was at 11:00, and at 11:00 on the dot I was being attended by the doctor. It was a bit of a sensitive test, but both the doctor and the nurse attending were very comforting and reassuring, and the staff at the counter in Radiology were pleasant and helpful. I was called within a week to pick up the results, and was attended personally by the same doctor who did the test. A very positive first experience for me. The only thing I would fault is the lack of parking - plan to arrive well in advance if you need to park!

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HM Sanchinarro University Hospital
HM Sanchinarro University Hospital

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