Prof. Dr. Gökhan Yağcı

Prof. Dr. Gökhan Yağcı

Job Title: General Surgery

Specialisations: General Surgery Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Liver, Pancreas, Bile Duct Surgery Organ Transplant Centre


Prof. Dr. Gökhan Yağcı: Pioneering Excellence in Surgical Practices

The field of surgery, especially tumour surgery in Turkey, has witnessed the transformative impact of exceptional professionals. Among these is a name that resonates with proficiency, dedication, and expertise – Prof. Dr. Gökhan Yağcı.

A Journey Steeped in Commitment and Skill

From his early days at the Gülhane Askeri Tıp Fakültesi to his current association with the esteemed Güven Hastanesi, Dr. Yağcı's trajectory has been marked by relentless dedication.

Specializations that Make a Difference

His varied interests range from organ transplantation, specifically liver and kidney, to more complex areas like colorectal surgery and onkolojik cerrahi. It's evident that Dr. Yağcı is not just an expert; he's an innovator, always looking for ways to enhance and expand his practice.

Tumour Surgery in Turkey: Leading the Change

When it comes to tumour surgery in Turkey, Dr. Yağcı stands at the forefront. His expertise, garnered from global exposures like the University of Madison Wisconsin and ASAN Medical Center in South Korea, positions him as a leader in this intricate field.

An Educational Odyssey

From 1983 till 1996, Dr. Yağcı underwent rigorous training at the Gülhane Askeri Tıp Akademisi. His journey, marked by practical exposures and theoretical insights, has made him the proficient surgeon he is today.

A Global Exposure for Holistic Development

His experience stretches beyond the borders of Turkey. With specialized courses from France to the USA, Dr. Yağcı has a holistic view of global surgical advancements, especially in tumour surgery.

Research, Publications, and Professional Affiliations

Being a dynamic contributor to the world of surgery, Dr. Yağcı boasts 55 publications in renowned national and international journals. His affiliations with esteemed organizations like the American Society of Transplant Surgeons and the Türk Cerrahi Derneği speak volumes about his commitment to the profession.

Conclusion: An Icon of Surgical Brilliance

For those navigating the challenging landscape of tumour surgery in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Gökhan Yağcı emerges as a beacon of hope. With a career spanning decades and marked by excellence, he represents the pinnacle of surgical brilliance in Turkey and beyond.


  • Where can patients consult Prof. Dr. Gökhan Yağcı?
  • Dr. Yağcı extends his expertise at Güven Hastanesi, where he's been a revered professional since 2015.
  • What sets Dr. Yağcı apart in the realm of tumour surgery?
  • His international experiences combined with his in-depth research make him a trusted name for tumour surgery in Turkey.
  • How has Dr. Yağcı contributed to surgical literature?
  • With 55 publications across various esteemed platforms, he's significantly enriched surgical literature.

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