Monika Kovacs

Monika Kovacs

Job Title: dental specialist

Specialisations: Endodontics


Dr. Kovács Mónika is our irreplaceable and highly appreciated specialist doctor, who will treat the infected root canals, remove broken dental files, and resolve the “unresolvable” root canal fillings under microscope magnification and perfect isolation. It is she, who makes the safe foundation upon which we can build the crowns, bridges, inlays and fillings. She graduated in 1999, at the Neumarkt Medical and Pharmaceutical University, in 2000 she became an intern at the University Dental Clinic and became a resident doctor in 2004. After she successfully became a general dental specialist in 2008, she continued with her studies, and in 2012 acquired her second specialization on the field of endodontics. In 2013 she finished her PhD, and as of 2016 she is a lecturer at the University. She makes use of all this accumulated experience at our dental clinic as of the autumn of 2019.

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