Dr. Lee Ji Yong

Dr. Lee Ji Yong

Job Title: Urologist

Specialisations: chief urologist


‍Dr. Lee Ji Yong, chairman of Proud Urology Clinic, has successfully performed on thousands of patients throughout this career. Although quantity doesn’t speak to quality, there hasn’t been any single patient with complaints about the procedure and had over 98% satisfaction rate. During this early years, Dr. Lee has found his career by observing many men who have been struggling with sexual dysfunctions and thought that all patients should have the right to have maximum satisfaction in sexual life. To this date, he is continually performing surgeries for patients with difference race, age, and demographics. His main goal in life is to have as many men bring their confidence back. For patients who visits Proud Urology Clinic, the result will speak for itself.


‍Graduated from Ajou University School of Medicine

Graduated from Ajou University Graduate School of Medicine

Urologists at Ajou University Hospital

Korea University Guro Hospital Urology and prostate clinic training

Present) Proud Urology Clinic General Urologists

Present) Proud Urology Clinic Men’s Surgery Clinic Doctor

Members of Society

‍Member of the Korean Urological Society

Member of the Society of Global Sexual Societies

Member of the Asia Pacific Society of Sexual Societies

Member of Korean Society for Men’s ScienceMember of the Korean Prostate Society

Member of Korean Urology Society

Member of The Korean Association of Geriatric Patients & Male Health Recognition

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