Ana Santos Ferro, DDS

Ana Santos Ferro, DDS

Job Title: MALO CLINIC Lisbon Oral Surgery Director

Specialisations: Oral Surgery and Periodontology


Ricardo Almeida: Pioneering Periodontal and Dental Solutions

Ricardo Almeida, a distinguished figure in the dental realm, has made remarkable strides in the world of Periodontology, Oral Surgery, and Implantology. His expertise is deeply rooted in his foundational education and relentless pursuit of advanced specializations.

An Exceptional Foundation in Dental Medicine

Having procured his Degree in Dentistry at the reputed Faculdade de Medicina Dentária, University of Lisbon, Ricardo embarked on a journey to deepen his knowledge. His thirst for learning led him to pursue a Postgraduate in Periodontology at the University of Gothenburg, a renowned institution for dental advancements.

Diverse Specializations and Clinical Practice

Ricardo further honed his skills by undertaking a specialization in Periodontology at the Faculdade de Medicina Dentária, University of Lisbon. Recognizing his in-depth expertise, the Ordem dos Médicos Dentists conferred upon him the title of a Specialist in Periodontology.

In his exclusive clinical practice, Ricardo does not just focus on Periodontology. He extends his services to Oral Surgery and Implantology, ensuring a holistic approach to oral health and rehabilitation.

A Thought-Leader and Contributor to Dental Science

Ricardo's influence isn’t limited to his clinical practice. He is a sought-after Guest speaker at several National and International Conferences, where he shares insights on Periodontology, Oral Rehabilitation, Implantology, and the sophisticated methods of Guided Surgery. His contributions to the field are further amplified through his roles as an author and co-author. He has penned several scientific articles, book chapters, and has also been a revered reviewer for many international scientific journals.

In the ever-evolving world of dental solutions, practitioners often seek advanced treatments like full ceramic dental crown providers to offer enhanced aesthetic and functional benefits to patients. With professionals like Ricardo Almeida at the forefront, the industry is bound to witness pioneering solutions that combine tradition with innovation.

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