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Welcome to Tingsvall - McCarthy Clínica Dental: Where Expertise Meets Compassion

Barcelona, renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, is also becoming a hub for holistic dental healthcare. Tingsvall - McCarthy Clínica Dental stands at the pinnacle of this movement, ensuring an integrated approach to oral health care.

A Multilingual Team Serving Diverse Patients

Our team prides itself on bridging communication gaps. Whether you speak English, Spanish, Catalan, or Swedish, our doctors and dental hygienist are equipped to understand and cater to your dental needs.

Dr. Stefan Tingsvall: The Guardian of Natural Teeth

Dedicated to alleviating pain and preserving natural teeth, Dr. Stefan Tingsvall operates with utmost integrity. A Swedish-trained dentist, he aims not just to treat but to enlighten patients, ensuring they always feel at ease.

Elena McCarthy: The Motivator Behind the Mirror

As a US-trained dental hygienist, Elena McCarthy goes beyond the routine. She embodies passion in her work, motivating and educating patients about their oral health. Her expertise in children's dental education resonates across various educational centres and schools in Barcelona.

Implant Mastery with Dr. Alejandro Escanilla Casal

When you think of affordable dentures and implants, Dr Alejandro Escanilla Casal should be at the forefront of your thoughts. A Spanish-trained dentist and implantologist, his profound knowledge in aesthetics and odontology is reflected in his impressive CV and numerous publications.

Crafting Smiles: Dr Andreia Gato Cabacinhol's Aesthetic Touch

With specialization in Aesthetic Dentistry and Orthodontics, Dr Andreia Gato Cabacinhol is a testament to dedication. Her proficiency in Invisalign treatments and her multilingual capabilities make her an invaluable asset to our team.

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Kennedy Neppl

I have had an immaculate experience with both Dr. Tingsvall and Mrs. McCarthy. I feel that they both are truly thorough with their work and attitude. They care so much about my dental health and will do whatever is best for me personally and my health. When I get my teeth cleaned, I feel like I am going into a spa with a beautiful aroma of oils and candles in order to keep me calm. I have had many problems in the past with feeling insecure and nervous about the dentist but I guarantee that you will not feel this way with both doctor and hygienist. I have watched my natural smile glow under their care.

Verónica Lima

Truthfully more than a generic dental cleaning but rather a deep cleanse, followed with being taught new lifestyle skills regarding the maintenance of my teeth. I not only felt lighter but left with an extra bright smile. Don’t hesitate to come to this dental clinic.

Lisa V

What a great duo these two are. I went in and got the best cleaning of my life. Elena cleaned my teeth while applying essential oils to my gums, natural mouth rise, and was very informative on how to keep my smile for life :). Stephan was great too! He walked me through my X-rays and helped my understand what I needed to be cautious of. A great duo with such a great vibe. I forgot to mention that I’m extremely picky and to me these two are top notch! Trying to get my entire family to you! :)

Hunter Roberts

Elena is an angel anda consummate professional. It is not easy to get a really good cleaning in Barcelona, and my teeth are really clean now. I have always practiced good dental hygiene, but she took it to a whole other level.

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Tingsvall - McCarthy Clínica Dental
Tingsvall - McCarthy Clínica Dental

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