Malo Clinic Warsaw


Domaniewska 37, 02-672 Warszawa, Poland


Malo Clinic Warsaw: Pioneering Dental Care in the Heart of Poland

A Legacy of Dental Expertise

Founded in 1995, MALO CLINIC has since etched its name as a global beacon of dental excellence. Its innovation and unparalleled expertise in dentistry are recognized and respected internationally. With its foundation built on more than two decades of rigorous knowledge and research, the clinic stands tall in its commitment to resolving even the most intricate dental challenges.

The Strength of a Multidisciplinary Team

Every patient at MALO CLINIC is assured the care of a distinguished multidisciplinary team. These dental professionals, renowned for their qualifications and skills, are dedicated to the clinic's ethos of continuous learning, technique development, and fostering symbiotic relationships with their patients. This collaboration makes MALO CLINIC not just a place for treatment but an institution that grows with and because of its patients.

Poland's Rise as a Dental Tourism Hub

It's no secret that Poland is fast emerging as a favored destination for medical tourists, especially from Western Europe. Cities like Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk are increasingly being sought after for their high-caliber yet cost-effective medical services. When it comes to dental treatment in Poland, MALO CLINIC Warsaw stands as a testament to the country's commitment to top-notch care at prices that are notably lower—often up to 70% less—than many Western countries. Whether you're considering Poland dental implants cost or general dental care, Poland's combination of quality and affordability is hard to beat.


Q: What makes MALO CLINIC Warsaw stand out?

A: Beyond its globally recognized expertise, the clinic boasts an exceptional multidisciplinary team and over two decades of experience in advanced dental care.

Q: How much can I save on dental treatments in Poland?

A: Patients often find services in Poland to be up to 70% more affordable than in Western Europe, without compromising on quality.

Q: Is the number of medical tourists to Poland growing?

A: Yes, there's an estimated annual increase of 10-20% in West European patients seeking private healthcare in Poland.

Q: Why is Poland becoming a popular destination for dental tourism?

A: Modern facilities, high-quality treatments, affordable prices, and easy travel make Poland an attractive option for dental care.

In conclusion, for those considering dental care in Poland, MALO CLINIC Warsaw remains a paragon of excellence, assuring patients both top-tier treatment and peace of mind.

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Avi A

Good service, a bit expensive but worth it. English spoken by all which is a big plus in Warsaw. Considering the level of Dental services in Poland , you won't be disappointed .
Łukasz Sprycha

Well prepared staff, nice atmosphere and professional service. Thank you.
Sylwia Manowska

Very nice and professional service. Ladies from the reception desk kindly, smiling and reliably providing all the necessary information. The doctor, in whose hands I entrusted my daughter with a broken tooth, did a great job in a very friendly atmosphere. The daughter jumped up and left the clinic with a beautiful smile. We highly recommend and greet our doctor who saved my daughter's smile !!!
Waclawa Gurda

My husband and I have been and still are Malo Clinic patients for 3 years. We like everything about this clinic: the atmosphere, professionalism, approach to the patient both from the side of polite and competent ladies at the reception, as well as from the side of specialists directly dealing with dental treatment. We are delighted with the approach full of kindness and understanding as well as patience with patients. We highly recommend Klinika Malo to everyone.
Luiza Niewiem

The atmosphere that prevails there is something amazing great staff, sometimes I forget that I am there for preventive purposes 😂 my doctor was and will be Mr. Artur Niezgoda whom I trust and I know that he will professionally and professionally deal with any situation, under his eye now I smile beautifully and girls with labo, the whole procedure was carried out by Dr Armando Lopez and Ania Grabowska here a big bow thank you for really changing my life .. and the treatment performed at the highest level, Mrs. Kasia beer is such an angel very delicate kind and also 100% professional, many thanks to Mrs. Agnieszka Smash if it wasn't for her there would be nothing ♥️♥️♥️

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Malo Clinic Warsaw
Malo Clinic Warsaw

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