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Av. da Boavista, nº1243, 4100-130 Porto, Portugal


The Legacy of MALO CLINIC

Pioneers in Dental Medicine

From its humble beginnings in 1995, MALO CLINIC has paved its way to becoming an international powerhouse in the realm of dentistry. The clinic's philosophy is rooted in knowledge, innovation, and an undying passion for delivering the best.

Over Two Decades of Excellence

All-on-4® Surgical Technique

One of the groundbreaking innovations that set MALO CLINIC apart is the All-on-4® surgical technique. This advanced method has revolutionized dental implantology, proving to be a beacon of hope for those seeking comprehensive oral rehabilitation.

MALO CLINIC's Innovations

Beyond the All-on-4® technique, MALO CLINIC has been at the forefront of introducing various pioneering techniques, such as the zygomatic implant and NobelSpeedy® implant. Their pursuit of excellence doesn't stop there, with the development of the MALO CLINIC Bridge fixed prosthesis, a testament to their commitment to innovative solutions.

The Global Reach of MALO CLINIC

Portugal: The Origin of Excellence

While Portugal stands as the birthplace and headquarters of MALO CLINIC, its influence and standards of excellence are felt worldwide.

Strategic Clinic Locations

In Portugal, the network of clinics spans from the serene north to the vibrant south, including the picturesque islands. This strategic distribution ensures that the gold-standard services of MALO CLINIC are within reach of every resident.

Key Specializations

Pediatric Dentistry: Shaping Young Smiles

When it comes to Pediatric Dentistry, MALO CLINIC understands the nuances and specialized care required. They ensure that young patients receive the best treatment, making each dental visit a positive experience that shapes their future oral health.

Prosthodontics: The Art of Restoration

Prosthodontics is more than just a dental procedure at MALO CLINIC; it's an art form. By combining their knowledge with the latest technology, they offer restorative solutions that not only function perfectly but also look naturally beautiful.


Expertise Born from Research

Driven by a deep-seated commitment to R&D, MALO CLINIC's dedication is evident in their numerous scientific articles and studies, contributing significantly to the field of dental medicine.

The Assurance of Quality

25 years in the industry isn't just a number for MALO CLINIC. It's a testament to their relentless pursuit of perfection, ensuring that patients always receive top-notch care.

Publications and Studies

The clinic's impact on the dental community extends beyond treatment rooms. Their vast array of publications and studies showcases their commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks.


MALO CLINIC isn't just another dental facility; it's a legacy built on passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether you're seeking pediatric care for your child or looking into advanced prosthodontics procedures, MALO CLINIC offers unparalleled expertise and solutions, making it a global frontrunner in dental care.


  • When was MALO CLINIC established?MALO CLINIC was founded in 1995.
  • What is the All-on-4® surgical technique?It's a revolutionary method introduced by MALO CLINIC for oral rehabilitation using dental implants.
  • Where is MALO CLINIC headquartered?The clinic is headquartered in Portugal.
  • What are some of the specializations offered by MALO CLINIC?Some of the key specializations include Pediatric Dentistry and Prosthodontics.
  • How has MALO CLINIC contributed to research in dental medicine?Through their extensive R&D efforts, they have published numerous scientific articles and studies, propelling advancements in the field.

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I was traveling to Lisbon suddenly my front crown came off, I didn’t know where to go or speak portage's, I found Malo clinic 18 minutes away from my hotel. Admission lady,Patricia Vilone went beyond help to get me in as soon as possible. She was very nice and helpful. When I saw Dr. Rodrigo Gonzales, immediately he helped me to put the crown back . I was impressed with their great system . It was my first trip to Portugal ( lisbon) I have to say honestly, because of them I loved Portugal and tell executive of that clinic you are very lucky to have Dr. Gonzales and his staff. Great job and I can’t say thank you enough to you.
Keith P

First class clinic close to the airport in Lisbon. Initial email correspondence with my dentist was was very positive , on arrival reception staff couldn’t have been more helpful and my initial appointment with dentist was fantastic. He (Pedro) explained to me very thoroughly and in a way I understood what procedures were required to correct the considerable issues with the teeth on my lower jaw. I thought I needed at least 4 implants but it became apparent I didn’t, which was a real surprise to me. About one after I left the clinic feeling very relieved and delighted with my appointment I received an email detailing the whole process and the cost and how best to proceed time wise. Absolutely faultless to be honest and very happy with the cost. Not at all surprised that the Malo clinic is so highly rated.
Kyryl Lakishyk

Complete set of dental services, high quality experts. Can be a bit pricey, but if you have a difficult case (root canal, large restoration, implant) this is the place to do it. Professional and care about their patients. Don't charge for things they shouldn't (to re-glue braces or a retainer).

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Malo Dental Clinic Porto
Malo Dental Clinic Porto

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