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215, Guayabos, San José Province, Curridabat, 11803, Costa Rica


Jehova Rafa Dental Center: The Go-To Clinic for the Best Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Your Path to a Complete Smile Starts Here

Missing teeth can significantly impact your daily life, affecting your ability to chew food and articulate words properly. Jehova Rafa Dental Center offers comprehensive solutions that cater to every aspect of dental implant treatment.

Why Choose Jehova Rafa for Dental Implants?

From Root to Crown: A Comprehensive Approach

Our clinic specializes in replacing lost teeth from the root to the crown, ensuring you receive the best dental implants in Costa Rica.

What Sets Jehova Rafa Apart?

Quality Care from Expert Professionals

The specialists at Jehova Rafa Dental Center bring years of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring a seamless implant process and high patient satisfaction.

Advanced Dental Technologies

We employ the latest advancements in dental technology to provide you with safe, effective, and durable implants.

Dental Implant Procedure: What to Expect

Initial Consultation

We assess your specific needs and oral health condition to create a personalized treatment plan tailored just for you.

Procedure and Recovery

Our team will guide you through the entire implant procedure, including post-surgical care, ensuring your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Regain Your Smile with Jehova Rafa

A Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

Our dental implants provide a lasting and natural-looking solution to missing teeth, helping you regain your smile and confidence.

Consult Us Today

Get in touch to learn more about how Jehova Rafa can provide you with the best dental implants in Costa Rica.

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Kelsey-Lamar Miller

My girlfriend found Jehova Rafa for me after we were quoted outrageous prices in the states. We sent them x-rays before so when we went, the process of me getting 2 root canals and a bunch of fillings went smoothly. The crown was delivered only two days later so the entire procedure was done in 3 days as opposed to 2 weeks in the states. The most interesting thing was that there was literally no pain besides the 0.1 seconds of being stuck with Novacane. Because all I could feel was vibration and they don't excavate your gums in the root canal process (an advanced procedure), it felt closer to a 2 hour mouth massage lol. They are super friendly, have very fair prices for their quality of work and they also speak English pretty fluently. 10/10 experience!
Andrew Finlayson

I came down to Costa Rica with my dad because he needed some dental work. At first I was surprised my dad chose Costa Rica as he doesn't like to travel much but he had done his research. They let me come down just to vacation and take care of him. The first few days were filled with an amazing Airbnb provided by them and the world's best cook! After a few days of work my dad was extremely impressed and so was I. I was so impressed I decided to see if they could work on me. They fit me in immediately and confirmed exactly the work I knew I needed and found a dying tooth, which I had my suspicions about. They fit me in that day and now I have the world's best smile. I am so very impressed with the professionalism and great service. Would reccomend to everyone! Better than any dentist I have seen in the last 15 years and amazingly affordable! Dr. Calvo and his staff are the best!
Bob Bornfriend

For those in need of dental implants Dr Coto Calvo is an excellent choice He uses the most modern equipment, high quality globally-sourced supplies, and does excellent work. The clinic is clean and well-equipped, and is an ideal solution to the dental needs of people with zero or limited dental insurance at about 1/3 the cost of what it would cost in the States. That's an all-in calculation, including airfare (Southwest), room and board for 5 days, and 2 visits (one for the implants and one for the crowns). North Americans who might have limited Spanish language skills need have no concern about traveling to Costa Rica for implant surgery. Dr Coto (who speaks excellent English) offers a complete service package including pickup at the airport and arrangements for B&B lodging at a very reasonable price. In fact, most of his non-local clients are from North America. I typically run into a bunch whenever I stay at the B&B (as many as 8). Speaking of the B&B, it's not fancy but typical local housing. It's clean, safe, and provides both breakfast and dinner, all included. The staff (non English-speaking for the most part) do a fabulous job in customizing the meals for patients that just had dental work done and are extremely solicitous. You don't get that from a hotel. I have and will continue to recommend Dr Coto to my friends and even chance acquaintances I've met when the subject comes up.
Valerie Gaines

I have to start this review with the fact I had not been outside the United States for decades! I have never been treated more luxuriously by both Dr. Coto and his staff and the lovely Bread and Breakfast and the wonderful Maria and Saidy!!!! I had a lot work done!!! 2 root canals, 6 extractions and gum build up!! Really no pain to speak of and barely any swelling!! The work was top notch and I don’t speak Spanish!! Would highly recommend this Dr. and everything about it! Olger who is so kind and picked me up at the airport and drove to and from the Dr. every day!!
Lynn Steph

My name is Stephanie, and I live in Woodstock, Georgia. I have been going to Dr. Coto Calvo for many years for crowns, bridges and implants, all with excellent results. I have also recommended many family members and friends who are all extremely happy with their dental work. Every time I have gone and stayed at the wonderful B&B, I have met many people from all over the U.S. and Canada who are very happy, with his knowledge and skills, his professionalism, his credentials, and of course with the Best Prices!. Dr. Coto Calvo guarantees his work, he is going to make sure you are satisfied with the results. For any negative comment, I can provide you with 25 positive comments. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Coto Calvo, I trust his judgements, and I will definitely return.

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