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Mind Vriksha (formerly The Mind Tree) is a thought initiated by Dr Rohit Garg, where a group of psychiatrists and psychologists work on mental health of people. We at Mind Vriksha want to spread awareness about the human brain, which is beautiful and complicated at the same time. In our society a person with a mental health problem is often termed insane or crazy and mostly ignored and looked down by the society, when it comes to addiction many people have a misconception that being dependent on alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco and gambling is an individual’s conscience choice. It is not true at all, dependency or substance abuse like all diseases when not treated gets worse with time, and also lead to various mental health issue and problems, which if not treated may turn to serious disorders.

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saanuj sood

Dr Rohit is very understanding, supportive, and brilliant doctor. Understands my problems, and even provided me a wonderful psychologist, Divyanshi, pro bono, as I'm facing financial crunch, and she has been ever so attentive to all my problems and even helped me solve a few. I wish Dr Rohit and his team the most amazing success and happiness ahead for all the good work they do. Really good humans.
Kartik Raina (Krucifer)

For Divyanshi I am truly happy to have Divyanshi as my psychologist. She is my ray of hope in the dark. She is so understanding, empathetic and helpful and she does all this selflessly. I am really blessed to have her as my psychologist. She is most mature, compassionate and supportive and does everything in her power to truly help her patient achieve the highest standards of mental well-being and overall development. She truly cares and all this makes me respect her even more. I can go on and on but she really has so many positive traits. She fills me with positivity everytime I meet her. She emanates positive vibes always and one can truly feel from within that she is truly working so so hard for the betterment of others. She goes well out of the way also to help others many-a-times. I am so grateful to her for helping me for the betterment and I can truly feel a profound positive change in myself since I started to see her. Thank you so much Divyanshi ! You really are the best !!!!! - Kartik
Neha Sharma

I was suffering from anxiety and depression. I came across this through a friend of mine and I am very thankful to her and God for connecting me with right people at right time. Shivani Ma’am has really helped me with her sessions. Her suggestions on how to bring peace to your mind, how to tackle overthinking with useful tips had really shaped my life. She is my go to person now🥰. Really thankful to Dr. Rohit for their effective medications and counselling. He is the best! Grateful to all these wonderful people I found 😊.
Kriti Dixit

Dr. Rohit Garg is the most generous, humblest, awesomest person I came across in my entire life & he is the best doctor. He went out of his way to help me. Doctors like Dr. Garg are truly rare to find and impossible to forget. I'm very much blessed to get treatment from his clinic. Initially I was very hesitant about psychiatric medications but it is helping me a lot. Dr. Rohit very patiently reads my essay long letters and he is kind beyond belief.. he genuinely cares a lot about his patients. I will 100% recommend Dr. Garg to anyone who is struggling with mental health issues. I'm grateful beyond words to him. Watching him helped in restoring my faith in mankind.
nishi gupta

I was suffering from fibromyalgia (severe anxiety issue) since last two years. specially muscle stiffness in legs & arms/back. I was not able to walk even for my routine work. I visited almost 6-7 doctors but none of them could do much in improving my situation. Continuous tingling, burning, headache, mood swings, etc were part of my life now in last two years. One of rheumatologist could diagnose my issue & prescribed some medicines but those medicine also could not do much to me. One day I thought of to see a psychiatrist as I found fibromyalgia is neuro psychic disease. I met With Dr. Rohit Garg. I explained him all my condition I have been through. He listened my all issues very carefully & advised some medicines based on my problem. I was completely hopeless that whether I am going to get correct treatment here or not. Doctor Asked for 3 months’ time to see improvement in my condition. In a month only I could see my heath condition started improving but unfortunately some of medicines has side effect on me being hypothyroid patient too. Then doctor changed my medicines after my feedback. I was again hopeless because the medicine suited me well, I cannot have due to its side effect. But doctor again assured me that we will try some other medicines & see the result. I did everything whatever doctor asked me to do in my lifestyle & didn’t skip my medicine even for a single day. I was not having faith on me that I going to get well from here. I just had faith in doctor that He has told me I will recover. Only the thing I have to give time to him for treatment. After Six months of treatment, I could see positive changes in health significantly. I am still under treatment & know I will completely cure myself & see positive changes in my life soon. Dr. Garg did not only treated me but given a hope to me. He answered even my all-silly question whenever I ask. Whenever I meet with him, I feel excited & good. Even he met with my husband to know the fear factor that I have in my mind to help in my recovery & He assured me everything is OK. nothing is wrong which I think & have replay of thoughts. He made me laugh, happy & positive. I shared everything with him. The life that I am living now is given by Dr. Garg only. He is like God to me.I cannot express my gratitude for him in words. I am happy that I met with him & he made my life so positive & changed my thought level from being negative to positive. I must say he is not only doctor but have determination to cure patients with mental issues. He makes environment so light that feels like talking to a friend not a doctor. Even I had some financial crunch & told him how I decided to meet him. He listened even my that financial issue & given discount in consultation charges. First day only he assured me that I am going to be better from here. Just I have to keep patience & faith on myself. Without even a second thought I would recommend all those PPL who all are suffering from mental illness. Please consult with him. Even I would not miss any opportunity to meet with him after my treatment also. I am fan of him…..Thank you doctor .I am grateful to you…😊

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Garg Psychiatry Clinic
Garg Psychiatry Clinic

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